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Volume 7, Number 2
September, 1970

Population Control: Evidence Of A Perfect Creation

E. Norbert Smith, B.S.

All animals have the ability to increase their numbers at an astonishing rate. In spite of this fact, animal populations remain relatively constant. The Bible teaches that before the Fall creation was perfect and without predation. This implies an intrinsic population controlling factor. Perhaps this intrinsic population control is still present and working today, and maybe Darwin's checks are unneeded. If so, this is another reason why scientists should turn from evolution to creation in seeking to account for living things.

The Origin Of Life On Earth

Gary E. Parker, M.S.

The DNA-protein relationship is analyzed in relation to the origin of life. Evidence for the modern evolutionary theory of spontaneous generation and evidence for creation are analyzed. Definition and scientific adequacy of these two views are considered. The work of Miller, Fox, and Oparin is reviewed. Concepts of time, chance, and chemical selection are evaluated and the concept of "imposed relationships" is introduced as evidence supporting Biblical creationism.

Creation And The Origin Of Sex

William Stroud, M.S.

The origin of sex from the standpoint of evolution is extremely unlikely while at the same time the existence of sex is a strong evidence favoring special creationism.

Should Evolution Be Taught?

John N. Moore, Ed.D.

Students, teachers, and parents encounter emphatic presentation of organic evolution as fact. An objective pattern of opposition, based on scientific work, to this type of teaching of organic evolution is provided.

Two theories of evolution: the general and special, are explicated. Each theory of evolution is examined with regard to reasonable predictions that can be stated within limits of the normal scientific viewpoint. Conclusions are reached that the fossil record (the historical record) cannot be used to support the general theory of evolution; there are no intermediate or transitional forms in the fossil record.

Breeding experiments with plants and animals afford extensive data, usable in support of the special theory of evolution; however, to avoid equivocation of terms the phenomena involved might just as well be called "genetic variation." ALL known, observable changes of living things are always WITHIN recognizable limits of variation of major groups of plants and animals. Thus there is empirical support for the special theory of evolution only.

The general theory of evolution, at most, should be optional for a science course, while the special theory of evolution is an appropriately required area of study to exemplify characteristic scientific procedures and findings.

Parathyroid Hormone Functions: Wonderfully Planned

Oscar L. Brauer, Ph.D.

The experimental history of Parathyroid gland function is briefly reviewed. Complex coordination between parathormone and vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium phosphate is traced in the blood, kidney, intestinal tract, and bone. Interplay of checks and balances is presented as evidence supporting man's origin by divine special creation.


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