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Volume 5, Number 4
March, 1969

The Human Skull Composed Of Coal

Wayne Frair, Ph.D.

The human skull reputedly fossilized in brown coal has been found to be an artistic fabrication. An appreciation of the status of this artifact removes an obstacle to our arriving at a better understanding of man's relationship to other organism's in the creation, as shown by the fossil record.

Square Pegs In Round Holes Or Ridiculous "Convergences"

Evan V. Shute

An extensive presentation is made of a remarkable series of identical biochemical entities which are found in organisms widely separated taxonomically. Enough data are provided to illustrate that one can propose the most unlikely relationships based upon biochemical information, when employing the idea that resemblance means relationship - the assumption upon which the theory of evolution is based. What do biochemical affinities really mean - relationship by descent from a common ancestor, parallel evolution, or are they examples of God's quotation of His previous work?

A Simplified Explanation Of The First And Second Laws Of Thermodynamics: Their Relationship To Scripture And The Theory Of Evolution

Emmett L. Williams, Jr., Ph.D.

Evolution simply could not have occurred unless both the first and second laws of thermodynamics were violated many times. After explaining thermodynamics in non-mathematical language, relation of the first law to evolution, and relation of the second law to evolution, is given extensive consideration. Three arguments, which are often offered to "defend" the occurrence of evolution in spite of thermodynamics, are studied carefully. It is concluded that the first and second laws of thermodynamics overrule evolution.

Immorality In Natural Selection

William J. Tinkle, Ph.D.

Differences of opinion become evident when it is claimed that living things reached their present structure by natural selection. That improved kinds are formed by struggle through natural selection is not supported by modern findings. Influence of the doctrine of natural selection has been illustrated by behavior of industrialists and militarists, who have reasoned that, if evolution was accomplished by selfish initiative at the expense of other living things, it is easy to justify the same conduct now. It is dangerous to believe that man is the product of struggle among selfish, irresponsible lower organisms.

Social Darwinism

Bolton Davidheiser, Ph.D.

Social Darwinism has been used by unscrupulous industrialists to condone their unethical practices toward laborers and competitors. Darwinism also offered a basis for acts which have resulted in racial strife. Further, the Darwinian theory of evolution has been used by militarists to glorify war. Abuses toward multitudes of human beings have been sanctioned and abetted with evolution as an excuse; and, if evolution is not true, such inhumanity toward men seems all the more tragic.

That Which Has Been Created Should Be Conserved

Harold Armstrong

To read the daily newspaper is to become exposed to the need for conservation. The earth, plants, and animals have all been misused by many men. Such actions are of particular concern to the creationist because of faith in the Creator and loyalty to His Word. Many specific instructions are given in both the Old and New Testament pertaining to treatment of the earth, of plants and of animals. By analogical studies of God's Word, we can know of God's evident wish to preserve the different and the unique, and we can know that we should not pervert the earth from its own nature.


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