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Volume 30, Number 4
March, 1994

Carbon Dioxide in the Antediluvian Atmosphere

Bruce J. Taylor. B.S.

Data are presented which define the role of atmospheric carbon dioxide in plant growth. The amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide required to support a unit amount of carbon in the biosphere is determined from this data. This permits the determination of the minimum amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide required to support the antediluvian biosphere based on the amount of coal reserves and resources. The increased atmospheric carbon dioxide may also require an additional source of atmospheric water vapor to support the antediluvian biosphere. Furthermore, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide may have implications for the respiration and diet of mankind and the animals before the Flood. Carbon dating and the preferential growth of selected plant types in the pre-Flood world would probably be affected by increased atmospheric carbon dioxide as well.


Chaos: Making a New Heresy

Stan G. Smith, M.S.

New and exciting mathematical strategies in science have been rapidly developing over the last two decades. A field of study has emerged, collectively called "Chaos" or nonlinear dynamics. A brief summary of the history and findings are given, and various features of chaos theory are discussed regarding creation and evolutionary world views.

Creation and Creation Myths

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

A survey of creation and flood myths throughout the world was completed, finding that most contain a basic set of themes that indicate they all had their origin in a set of actual historical events. It was also concluded that we have more knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew creation account in Genesis than any other and it stands in stark contrast to all others. Because the source of most creation myths was oral transmission, many were likely corrupted yet maintained the basic elements which lends credence to the position that most all creation myths are based on a set of historical events which occurred early in the history of humankind and which were embellished and modified as they were passed from generation to generation.

The Scientific Existence of a Higher Intelligence

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.

This article gives a general overview of recent results in mathematical logic that should have a profound effect not only upon the foundations of creation-science but the foundations of all religious experiences and thought that either assume or logically require the existence of a supernatural higher intelligence. In particular, it is shown that the concept of the existence of a higher intelligence exterior to the material universe can be modeled rationally by means of the science of mathematics. It is established that human religious experiences and scientific models associated with either an assumption or an implied requirement that a supernatural higher intelligence exists are not somehow irrational in character as it is claimed by many secular scientists and philosophers. Indeed, if such experiences or creation-science models directly correlate to certain customary Bible interpretations, then the assumption of irrationality is scientifically proved to be false.

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