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Volume 25, Number 3
December, 1988

The Eye of the Air-Breathing Vertebrate: Did it Emerge From the Sea?

H. S. Hamilton, M.D.

According to evolutionary hypothesis, life originated in the primitive seas, swarming there for many millions of years before aquatic vertebrates emerged on land. This transfer involved many anatomical and physiological adjustments and modifications among which were important alterations to the eyes. Some of these obligatory ocular changes are discussed with the conclusion that omnipotent and omniscient Intelligence, not natural processes, was responsible for the design of the eye in air-breathing vertebrates.

Another Look at the Age and History of the Mississippi River

A. W. Mehlert, Dip. Th.

Evolutionists claim that the geomorphology of the Mississippi River shows strong evidence of great age. However, studies by creationists indicate that there is good evidence for the reverse conclusion.

Has the Earth's Magnetic Field Ever Flipped?

D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

Much paleomagnetic data has been reported in this century suggesting that the earth's magnetic field has reversed its polarity many times in the past. Evolutionists have assumed that the time between reversals must be very long so they use reversal data as evidence that the earth is old. Often creationists are unfamiliar with the depth and variety of the paleomagnetic data and thus do not know whether the reversals were real or not. Until recently they have generally questioned the credibility of the data. Many have made the same assumption as the evolutionists, that reversals could only take place slowly. In a recent paper (Humphreys, 1986a) I have shown that this assumption is not justified, and that rapid reversals occurring during the Genesis Flood would explain the paleomagnetic data nicely. In this paper I review the evidence for reversals in order to show that it is indeed credible.

On Small Curved-Space Models of the Universe

John Byl, Ph.D.

Moon and Spencer's model of the universe does have serious deficiencies. However, it is possible to construct alternative small, curved-space models of the universe that avoid these shortcomings. Thus a more sophisticated analysis is required before such models can be definitely eliminated.

Critical Thoughts and Conjectures Concerning the Doppler Effect and the Concept of an Expanding Universe--Part I

Vincent A. Ettari, P.E.

The main evidence for the various "expanding universe" cosmologies is drawn from the red shifting of the spectral lines in the light emitted by galaxies, quasars, and other extraterrestrial objects. It is demonstrated that there are many mechanisms which can cause red shifts, and that the current interpretation of these red shifts yields absurd conclusions concerning the nature of the universe. The result is that the basic evidence for the "expanding universe" cosmologies is shown to be the result of misinterpretation of these red shifts, thereby undermining the concept that the universe originated in some primordial explosion.


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