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Volume 17, Number 3
December, 1980

The Inconsistent Sun: How Has It Been Behaving, And What Might It Do Next?

Hilton Hinderliter, Ph.D.

Various observations showing the sun's behavior to be non-steady over time spans much less than millions of years are cited. The contration, - which, in the author's opinion, is gravitational, is just one of these. The problems of missing solar neutrinos is well known;l some of these observations further contradict the model of solar density distribution derived from the nuclear-fusion model. Suggestions for further research are offered. Also, this latest evidence is correlated with Scriptural prophecies concerning the sun.

Significant Fossil Discoveries Since 1958: Creationism Confirmed

Marvin L. Lubenow, Th.M.

Creationists have often pointed out that the fossil record, although claimed by some to be evidence for evolution, is in fact more indicative of special Creation. A well known book on geology, published in 1958, corroborated, in a remarkable chart, the Creationist position, although the book was not written from a Creationistic viewpoint. It showed the many distinct kinds of creature, both plant and animal, appeared suddenly and separately in the fossil record,and remained separate, without any evidence of evolution into something else, until the present or until they became extinct. In this article some of the evidence is reviewed. Also, it is shown that in the years since 1958 ther beginning of various kinds has been found to be earlier in the fossil record, but there is still no evidence that some evolved from others.

Prolegomena To The Study Of Sediments

Robert Morton

An analysis of the distribution of the sediments seems to indicate that the earth at the time of the flood was considerably smaller. Assuming that the flood occurred on an earth of the present radius, the sediment distribution can not be explained and appears to violate the second law of thermodynamics.

Death And Niche Limits

Mark W. Tippets

Some people believe that life will arise spontaneously somehow, somewhere, if conditions are right; and that having arisen it will evolve. But such people neglect to take into account death, which results if a single niche dimension becomes zero, i.e. if a single environmental or other condition does not fall within the range in which it must lie forlife to be possible. If such a dimension should become zero, that means death for the individual, and extinction for the species. A few niche parameters, especially some which have a bearing on the question, whether life might exist elsewhere than on Earth are discussed.

On The Star Of Bethlehem

Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D.

It is shown that, while a star really appeared to herald Our Lord's birth, all the proposed naturalistic explanations of the star are inadequate. Hence the star was a supernatural sign. In the course of the investigation, evidence is adduced to show that Our Lord's birth was in the year 2 B.C.

Asa Gray And Theistic Evolution

Randall R. Hedtke

In this article are discussed the scientific evidence which prompted Asa Gray to try to persuade Charles Darwin to adopt theistic evolution, and Darwin's reasons for rejecting theistic in favor of atheistic evolution. In their arguments, both men appealed to the fossil record. Besides their interpretations of that record, the one by Georges Cuvier is mentioned; and it is noted that yet others are possible. So various alternative interpretations of the record are considered to see which one best fits the facts.


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