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Volume 17, Number 1
June, 1980

Biogeography From A Creationist Perspective: II. The Origin And Distribution Of Cultivated Plants

George F. Howe, Ph.D. and Walter E. Lammerts, Ph.D.

A model is developed for the origin and distribution of cultivated plants from the standpoint of rapid creation, the fall, and the flood, and a post-flood dispersal from the area of Asia Minor. It is assumed that each type of plant was created separately but that crop plants vary as to the length of time they have been under human cultivation.

Certain plants appear to have been domesticated very early and it is proposed that these represent forms which were cultivated before the flood and then propagated by Noah and his descendents. Data from archaeology fit such a view in that many crop plants are found to have been cultivated first in mountain highlands in the mideast and only later elsewhere.Vasilov's "centers" of crop plant origin are reevaluated as centers of post-flood agriculture.

Other cultivated plants seem to have been domesticated more recently. It is assumed that these were unknown to Noah as crop plants but were later brought under culture. Ancestors for more cultivated plants are completely lacking, a fact that supports creation rather than evolution.

The process of mutation, selection, cultivation, hybridization and polyploidy are analyzed in relation to the history and development of corn, wheat, apple, rose, orchid, and strawberry varieties. While many very interesting modifications have been achieved, there has not been any evolution of new species that would persist under natural conditions.

The Human Lineage: Demurs And Disarray

Chris C. Hummer, M.A.

Evolutionary anthropology is in a state of disarray. Recent fossil finds, biochemical studies and evolutionary models based on living primates are contradictory to one another and to older standard scenarios of human evolution.

Computer Simulation Of Large-Scale Wave Motions Associated With The Genesis Flood

M. E. Clark and H. D. Voss

The theory and numerical methodology is developed whereby the dynamic processes associated with large-scale wave motions in the context of a global flood can be delineated. After a brief review of wave mechanics, the available analytical results are given in synopsis. The basic computer algorithm, SOLA-SURF, is then described and utilized to produce solutions to a series of problems considered to be germane to Genesis Flood explanations. The results of these simulations are presented in terms of the velocity fields and the temporal sequencing of the free-surface configurations. Interpreations of the results leads to inferences as to development of sedimentary strata left by the passing of wave motions.

The Warm Earth Fallacy

Glenn R. Morton

An analysis of the assumptions which must be made when ancient climate is inferred from the fossil record reveals that one must accept the Principle of Uniformitarianism and quite possibly the Theory of Evolution in order to determine the climate. Under the assumption that the earth has undergone a world-wide flood of a year's duration, it is impossible to determine what the pre-flood climate was like. The implications of this are that all current flood models which attempt to satisfy the warm earth criteria may be satisfying a situation which never existed.

New Proton And Neutron Models

T. G. Barnes, D.Sc.

This article extends the concepts developed in previous papers, alternatives to special theory of relativity, to generate magnetic forces of sufficient magnitude to replace the conventional concepts of the strong forces in nuclear physics.

The proton model consists of a spinning sphere of extremely small radius and extremely high perimeter speed, speed exceeding the speed of light. This speed is shown to be permissible in a sphere with constant rate of rotation. The result is a large magnetic flux and an intense magnetic field. This field provides binding force attraction between protons.

The proton magnetic flux induces a spin in an electron deforming the electron into a rotating ring. The rotating electron ring encircles the spinning proton to form a neutron. The magnetic force keeps the plus and minus charge apart.

This paper makes use of published values of spin angular momentum, magnetic moments, and beta decay energy. It also uses the classical laws of conservation of angular momentum and energy and the equivalence of mass and energy.

The Shrinking Sun: A Creationist's Prediction, Its Verification, And The Resulting Implications For Theories Of Origins

Hilton Hinderleiter, Ph.D.

It is shown that the question: whence comes solar energy, has a connection, which might not be suspected at first, with the question of origins: did things evolve or were they created? In view of this, the fact, noticed only recently, that the sun appears to be contracting at a measurable rate, could prove to be a major scientific embarassment for evolutionism.

Solar Neutrinos And A Young Sun

Paul M. Steidl

The failure to find solar neutrinos which should be a result of hydrogen fusion reactions in the sun indicates that the sun is young. Further, the solar global osciallations preclude the existence of fusin at all. The only viable alternative, gravitational contraction, which has a comparatively short time span, is indicated by actual observations of decreasing solar diameter.

The Canopy In World Mythology

Joseph C. Dillow, Th.D.

For many years creationists have seen in the numerous ancient legends of a global deluge evidence of a circumstantial nature for the flood of Genesis. It has not heretofore been pointed out, however, that similar testimony exists for a "water heaven" such as that described in Genesis 1:6-8. This suggests another line of confirmation of the vapor canopy theory. In this particular article an attempt is made to summarize this anthropological evidence for the vapor canopy from various legends all over the world.

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