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Volume 39, Number 1
June, 2002

The Earth’s Magnetic Field is Still Losing Energy

D. Russell Humphreys

This paper closes a loophole in the case for a young earth based on the loss of energy from various parts of the earth’s magnetic field. Using ambiguous 1967 data, evolutionists had claimed that energy gains in minor (“non-dipole”) parts compensate for the energy loss from the main (“dipole”) part. However, nobody seems to have checked that claim with newer, more accurate data. Using data from the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) I show that from 1970 to 2000, the dipole part of the field steadily lost 235 ± 5 billion megajoules of energy, while the non-dipole part gained only 129 ± 8 billion megajoules. Over that 30-year period, the net loss of energy from all observable parts of the field was 1.41 ± 0.16 %. At that rate, the field would lose half its energy every 1465 ± 166 years. Combined with my 1990 theory explaining reversals of polarity during the Genesis Flood and intensity fluctuations after that, these new data support the creationist model: the field has rapidly and continuously lost energy ever since God created it about 6,000 years ago.

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Variability of Skull Shape in the Domestic Dog and Its Implications
for Variability in Other Mammals and Humans since the Flood

Celedonio García-Pozuelo-Ramos

The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) has been used by creationists as an example of a creature showing great variability in a short time and as an example of how to account for the variation in living beings (including humans), since the Flood. The spectacular diversity of the domestic dog species occurs not only in size but also in shape. This variability excludes the morphological differences from other wild canids, except wolf-like canids (gray wolf, coyote and jackal).

Theological Implications of Deep Time

Don B. DeYoung

The age of the earth and universe beyond continues to generate lively discussion, including among theists. The recent creation view is often held up as an object of ridicule and caricature. However, those who promote a vast time scale, sometimes called deep time, must address several serious theological issues. Six implications of deep time are discussed here.

Reinventing Stratigraphy at the Palo Duro Basin

John K. Reed

Instead of futilely squeezing time from the uniformitarian geologic column, creationists should allow biblical presuppositions about natural history to revolutionize stratigraphy. This type of approach is tested at the Palo Duro Basin, a cratonic sedimentary basin located in the Texas Panhandle. An assessment of the basin fill allows revision of strata out of the uniformitarian framework and into genetic units that reflect depositional and tectonic episodes. These in turn can be interpreted within the framework of the Genesis Flood, and the genetic units assigned a tentative position along a geologic energy curve as a basis for regional correlation based upon Flood stage rather than time. In this framework, the Palo Duro Basin’s history provides several clues to the nature of the Flood in central North America.

Human Consciousness and the Image of God

Stan G. Smith

The interest concerning the presumed evolutionary development of consciousness from unconscious matter has escalated during the latter half of the 20th century. As the historical framework of such research is reviewed, challenges against such materialist perspectives will be presented in favor of traditional dualism, where consciousness and brain activity are viewed as different in kind.

Darwinism as a Factor in the Twentieth-Century Totalitarianism Holocausts

Jerry Bergman

The movement today known as Darwinism was one of the factors leading to the loss of an estimated over 400 million lives, as well as enormous suffering inflicted on more then a billion people. It is well-documented that Darwinism was a major influence in the rise of Naziism and Communism and it was one of the factors involved in numerous wars and conflicts. The death toll from several holocausts and wars is enumerated. The role of Darwinism and other factors leading to these holocausts and wars is evaluated and contrasted with the Bible’s teaching on war and racism.

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