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2013 Board of Directors & Staff

The Board of Directors and research center staff gathered in Dallas, TX on June 13–15. Left to right: Kevin and Diane Anderson (professional staff), Jean Lightner, Don DeYoung (President), Danny Faulkner (Treasurer), Mark Armitage (Financial Secretary), Mike Oard, Glen Wolfrom (Membership Secretary), Robert Hill, Ron Samec, Gene Chaffin (Vice-President), Russ Humphreys, and Gary Locklair (Recording Secretary).  Not pictured, Becky Wolfrom (staff) and John Reed.

Past board photos

Kevin L. Anderson, CRSQ Editor-in-Chief  (not a board member)
Ph.D. Microbiology, Kansas State University
Director of CRS Van Andel Creation Research Center

Mark H. Armitage, Financial Secretary
M.S. Biology, ICR Graduate School
Ed.S. Science Education, Liberty University E.M. Lab Manager, Cal State University Northridge, Biology Dept.

Eugene F. Chaffin, Vice President, CRSQ Physics Editor
Ph.D. Physics, Oklahoma State Univ.
Prof. of Physics, Bob Jones Univ.

Donald B. DeYoung, President, CRSQ Book Review Editor
Ph.D. Physics, Iowa State Univ.
Prof. of Physics, Grace College

Danny R. Faulkner, Treasurer
Ph.D. Astronomy, Indiana Univ.
Prof. of Astronomy and Physics, Univ. of South Carolina (Lancaster)

Robert L. Hill
Ed.D. Physics and Astronomy, Ball State University
Prof. of Physics, Bob Jones University

D. Russell Humphreys
Ph.D. Physics, Louisiana State Univ.
Research Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories (retired)
Creation Ministries International

Jean K. Lightner
D.V.M., M.S. Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State Univ.

Gary H. Locklair, Recording Secretary
Ph. D. Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University

Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Concordia University Wisconsin

Michael Oard
M.S. in Atmospheric Science, Univ. of Washington
Lead forecaster, National Weather Service (retired)
Answers in Genesis

John K. Reed, CRSQ Geology Editor
Ph.D. Geology, Univ. of South Carolina

Ronald G. Samec, CRSQ Astronomy Editor
Ph.D. Physics, Clemson Univ.
Prof. Physics and Astronomy, Bob Jones Univ.

Glen W. Wolfrom, Membership Secretary, Creation Matters Editor
Ph.D., Animal Science, Univ. of Mo.
Principal Clinical Research Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

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