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Institutions (such as schools, libraries, churches, etc.) or individuals who cannot in good conscience agree with the CRS Statement of Belief may obtain a subscription to the CRS Quarterly without membership.Your annual subscription includes both the Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ; 4 issues: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) and the Creation Matters popular publication (usually 6 issues).

All subscriptions begin with the first issue (Summer) of the current volume of the CRSQ and continue through the fourth issue (Spring). Those who join after the summer issue is published, and prior to publication of the Spring issue the following calendar year, will receive all back issues of the current volume. Members and subscribers also receive exclusive online access to our Premium Area that contains the latest publications and an archive of past articles not available in the public section of the site.


If you are already a paid Non-member subscriber to CRS and want to request access to the online Premium Area, please select the option 'Registering for access, already a subscriber' in the 'Non-member Subscription Choice' field below.


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Subscriptions are for institutions, or individuals who do not accept the CRS Statement of Belief. If you are an indivdual and accept the statement of belief, you should purchase a membership instead.



Note: All subscriptions are based on the calendar year June through May.  You will be mailed the CRSQ journals starting with the Summer 2013 issue. All other subscriber benefits (such as Premium Area access) begin immediately.

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